Wheel Holder + Lockable Jerry Can Holder


Wheel Holder + Jerry Can Holder


Wheel Guards (Pair) + Under Tray Boxes-Pair (900mm)


Wheel Guards (Pair) + Under Tray Boxes-Pair (750mm)


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brilliantly built
I was fortunate to have a dealing with rig boxes today Musa’s service was second to none and a brilliantly built dual cab box Highly recommended
Ed Whitechurch
24th August 2023
Highly recommended
I couldn't hold myself to write about this place. Beautiful customer service, very happy with my product that I bought. Highly recommended
Masudur Rahman
16th August 2023
great service!
Purchased the 1800mm black aluminium canopy tool box today. Quality & price was fantastic. Served by an absolute gentleman. Thanks for the great service! Paul
Paul Turano
18th July 2023
There are really professional.. I am looking for a canopy from long time for my hilux. Finally I get it from Rigboxes with the price and quality I wanted. They also delivered on time. Highly recommended 👍👍👍
Srk Rana
15th July 2023
Rig Boxes are fantastic, so easy to deal with.
Brent Zalfelds
09th August 2023
Awesome service and products I recommend
Michael Cefai
27th August 2023
Simply Awesome!
Simply Awesome! Good high quality stuff. Highly recommended. These guys are fantastic.
Joseph Estrada
07th August 2023

Welcome To Rig Boxes - Enjoy Australia's Best Aluminium Tool Boxes

Set foot into a world where quality meets style, durability pairs with versatility, and every product is a reflection of our passion for excellence. Rig Boxes are known Australia-wide for superior aluminium tool boxes, ute tool boxes and aluminium canopies, designed to satisfy every unique demand.
Whether you're a seasoned tradie, a fervent adventurer, or someone who simply appreciates the power of well-organised tools, we're here to arm you with equipment that's up to any task or adventure in Australia.

About Rig Boxes - Fuelled By Passion, Driven By Excellence

At Rig Boxes, we view tool storage not just as a necessity but as an opportunity. An opportunity to marry function with style, to ensure that your tools, just like your work, make a statement. Our team, enriched with years of industry experience, carefully curates our product range, ensuring every item resonates with our commitment to quality, functionality, and personality.
Our philosophy isn't just about selling you a toolbox. We always put our customers first so you can always rely on our superior products, including aluminium canopies, ute tool boxes and aluminium tool boxes for your travels or work across Australia. Be it a challenging job site, an off-road adventure, or a camping trip under the stars, our superior products will be a valuable asset for you.

We Provide An Unwavering Commitment To Quality

When it comes to your tool storage, compromise shouldn't be part of your vocabulary. That's why Rig Boxes meticulously select each product, ensuring they live up to our high standards of durability, style, and functionality.
Our collection of ute tool boxes, aluminium tool boxes, heavy-duty aluminium tool boxes, ute under tray tool boxes, and ute canopy tool boxes in Sydney are more than just products - they're a testament to our dedication to excellence.

Explore Our Range - An Array of Choices Tailored To Your Needs

  • Ute Tool Boxes: Designed to seamlessly align with your needs, our ute tool boxes bring together strength, style, and security. Boasting an array of features, these boxes provide ample storage and are built to withstand the harshest of conditions. Explore our offerings and find a toolbox that fits your ute, mirrors your personality, and caters to your lifestyle.
  • Aluminium Tool Boxes: Rig Boxes' aluminium tool boxes promise a blend of lightweight convenience and rugged resilience. Ideal for professional tradies and off-road enthusiasts alike, they ensure your tools are well-protected and easily accessible, simplifying your work and amplifying your efficiency.
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminium Tool Box: For those challenging projects that demand unwavering durability, our heavy-duty aluminium tool boxes are the perfect companions. Engineered to last, these robust boxes safeguard your tools, providing the reliable storage you need to tackle any task with confidence.
  • Ute Under-Tray Tool Boxes: Make efficient use of your ute's space with our under-tray toolboxes. Crafted to snugly fit beneath your ute's tray, these boxes deliver a streamlined solution to space management, balancing tool security with easy accessibility.
  • Ute Canopy Tool Boxes: For adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts, our ute canopy toolboxes are the ideal choice. These boxes offer robust, weather-resistant protection for your tools, ensuring your gear is safe and secure no matter where your journey takes you.

A Tradition Of Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment to customer satisfaction doesn't end with providing high-quality products. From a user-friendly browsing experience on our website to prompt, courteous customer service, every interaction is designed to make your shopping journey seamless and enjoyable. Got a question? Need assistance? Our friendly, knowledgeable team is always on hand to help!

The Rig Boxes Promise - Not Just A Purchase But An Experience

The Rig Boxes experience is about more than just purchasing a toolbox. It's about finding the perfect storage solution that resonates with your needs, enhances your efficiency, and reflects your style. As you navigate through our diverse offerings, you're not just buying a product; you're making an investment. We take pride in our products and customer support wherever you live. You can purchase our aluminium tool boxes, ute tool boxes, aluminium canopies or other products across Australia.

Reach Out To Us Today

Whether you're searching for a sturdy ute toolbox, an adaptable aluminium toolbox, a heavy-duty solution, a space-saving under-tray toolbox, or a rugged ute canopy toolbox, we've got you covered across Australia. At Rig Boxes, we're not just about fulfilling your needs. We're about anticipating them, meeting them, and exceeding them. And as we welcome you to our family, we promise to do just that.
Here's to embarking on a journey of discovery, to finding an aluminium toolbox that's not just a perfect fit for your tools but a perfect fit for you. Tackle your next project or adventure with Rig Boxes. You can rely on our superior products and customer service anywhere in Australia. Call 02-8488 0824 or email: info@rigboxes.com.au if you have any queries or to place an order.


Are your products only suitable for dual cab utes?
Our canopies and toolboxes can be fitted in a single cab, space cab or double cab. Canopies come in 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm long and their width is 1775mm. Our toolboxes come in 1500mm and 1700mm long and their width is 600mm.
Are your products powder-coated or painted?
    Our products are powder-coated in Black RAL 9005 or White RAL 9003 and they are perfect for Australian weather and environment. The key benefits of the powder coatings:
  • Excellent UV and weathering resistance
  • Outstanding gloss retention and resistance to colour change.
  • Mechanical and abrasion resistance.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Resistance to Humid atmospheres containing sulphur dioxide.
Can I pickup?
You are most welcome to pick up your order. If you can notify us before picking up that would be awesome and in that way, we can make sure that its ready for pick up when you get here.
Do you have any displays of your products?
Yes, we have a showroom next to our warehouse and the address is 12/252 New Line Road Dural 2158 NSW. You are most welcome to visit our showroom and we will be glad to assist you.
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